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SAP Security Guidelines

SAP security is no longer what it used to be. On September 2010, SAP released Secure Configuration of SAP NetWeaver ABAP - SAP Security Recommendations, a first-of-its-kind document that describes "a set of security measures for ABAP systems against unauthorized access within the corporate network". These measures do not address Segregation of Duties controls nor the security of the base operating systems and databases; their sole focus is on the security of the SAP technology platform (Basis/NetWeaver).

SAP systems are more exposed to the Internet than ever before and the number of reported SAP security notes has risen from 20-per-year in 2007 up to 800+ in 2010. SAP is proactively trying to help their customers mitigate the growing risk of espionage, sabotage and fraud attacks over their business-critical platforms.

However, verifying that your organization is compliant with this new de-facto standard can turn into a tough problem.

Using Onapsis products you can rapidly check your SAP infrastructure against these new guidelines and spot gaps that can put your business-critical information at risk.

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Find out more about our solutions for SAP Security Guidelines:

  • Onapsis X1. The industry's first solution to include a predefined audit policy to automatically perform a complete review of your SAP infrastructure against the SAP Security Guidelines.
  • SAP Security Recommendations Gap Assessment. Rely on a trusted third-party to realize what is your SAP infrastructure current compliance state with the SAP official security recommendations.