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The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the widely-adopted security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry to protect cardholder information.

As a global standard, the PCI DSS applies to any entity that stores, processes or transmits credit cardholder information. Therefore, if your SAP systems are involved in any of these activities, they fall under the incidence of the standard and must be compliant with the specified requirements.

However, do you know which of the 1500+ SAP configuration parameters and 80,000+ tables are affected by this regulation? How can you perform vulnerability scans and penetration tests at the SAP application layer? Furthermore, how can you efficiently check compliance of your dozens or hundreds of SAP systems?

Using Onapsis products you can detect PCI-DSS violations on your SAP infrastructure in a flash!

...for PCI-DSS

Find out more about our solutions for PCI-DSS:

  • Onapsis X1. The industry's first solution to include a predefined audit policy to automatically perform a complete review of SAP technical parameterizations against PCI-DSS.
  • SAP Platform PCI Compliance Gap Assessment. Rely on a trusted third-party to realize what is your SAP infrastructure current compliance state regarding PCI-DSS.