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SAP Vulnerability Assessment

“Is my SAP platform affected by security vulnerabilities that are exposing my business-critical information? Which are the ones that can be easily spotted and exploited by cyber-attackers? What do I need to do to mitigate them?”

The SAP Vulnerability Assessment service is aimed at detecting the security vulnerabilities affecting your SAP systems that could be exploited by malicious hackers and/or insiders to access your organization’s sensitive business information.

Using internally-developed, state-of-the-art tools and manual techniques, Onapsis consultants perform a remote blackbox assessment of the target platforms, thus not requiring initial user access credentials to the systems.

Strongly supported by the outcome of the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis consultants performs the industry’s most comprehensive SAP vulnerability assessments, reliably identifying SAP-specific vulnerabilities in all the components of the target SAP platform.

In order to obtain a detailed list of the exclusive checks comprehended in this service, please contact us here.

Key benefits:

  • Quickly identify critical vulnerabilities affecting your SAP platform (SAP application layer)
  • Optionally identify vulnerabilities at the network, operating system and database layers of your SAP platform.
  • Choose whether to understand your security posture against external or internal attacks.
  • Obtain a suggested action plan and detailed solutions to mitigate discovered risks, increasing the security level of the platform.


  • Executive Report with a summary of detected vulnerabilities and the possible impacts for the business.
  • Detailed Technical Report, detailing detected vulnerabilities and associated risks.
  • Mitigation Plan Report, presenting a recommended action plan with detailed mitigation activities for each detected issue.