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SAP Platform PCI Compliance Gap Assessment

“Is my SAP platform compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard? If not, how big is the gap and how do I close it?”

Every company that processes cardholder information must comply with the PCI-DSS regulation. This standard defines 12 requirements that organizations must adhere to, basically applying them to every system component that transmit, store or process cardholder data.

If your SAP platform falls under the domain of PCI, it’s imperative to verify whether there are compliance violations that could result in economic penalties or even the inability to operate.

The SAP PCI Compliance Gap Assessment service analyzes your SAP platform, detecting SAP-specific non-compliance items and providing detailed information on how to effectively solve them before performing the formal assessment.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly discover whether your SAP platform is violating some of the requirements demanded by the PCI-DSS.
  • Obtain detailed technical information on how to implement the necessary measures to mitigate detected non-compliant control points.


  • Executive Report with a summary of compliant/non-compliant control points.
  • Regularization Technical Report, providing detailed technical information on how to solve non-compliant control points.