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“Onapsis provides world-class services to help our customers protect the assets managed by their business-critical SAP platforms. ”

While most of the security industry has traditionally regarded “SAP Security” as a synonym of “Segregation of Duties controls” or “roles and profiles”, Onapsis consultants have instead been focused in real-world threats which higher levels of risks can expose your most sensitive business assets to malicious cyber attackers.

Onapsis experts are, for example, the creators of the “SAP Penetration Testing” and “SAP Vulnerability Assessment” specialized services, having successfully performed this kind of engagements in Global Fortune-100 organizations throughout the world.

Our consultants work closely with the Onapsis Research Labs, the world-renowned team of experts that is leading the trends in the ERP & SAP security fields. These experts have discovered the highest number of critical vulnerabilities in SAP platforms, developed specialized publications on the subject and developed the first open source SAP & ERP Penetration Testing frameworks, among other accomplishments.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you tackle your SAP security problems, relying on a highly focused and professional group of experts with a proven track record, we would be more than pleased to work with you.