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Onapsis Research Labs is comprised of experts who combine in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver technical and business-context with sound security judgment to the broader information security community.


The research lab team members frequently lecture at key security and audit conferences across the globe. We have made the SAP and Oracle Security presentations available for download, free of charge, in order to help guide the industry with strategic foresight into matters that affect what is most important to  their business – business critical application security.

Date Title
2014-20-11 Blended Web and Database Attacks on Real-time, In-Memory Platforms
2014-30-10 Dissecting and Attacking RMI Frameworks
2014-30-09 ASUG Argentina - SAP Forensics: Detecting White-Collar Cyber-crime
2014-30-09 ASUG Argentina - Highway to Production: Securing the SAP TMS
2014-18-03 Attacks based on security configurations (BIZEC14)
2014-12-02 SAP BusinessObjects Attacks (IT Defense 2014)
2013-26-09 ERP Security - How Hackers can open the safe and take the jewels (Ekoparty 2013)
2013-30-08 Pentesting SAP Critical information exposed (HUBCON 2013)
2013-16-05 Transporting evil code into the Business - Attacks on SAP TMS (NoSuchCon 2013)
2013-13-03 SAP Forensics - Detecting White-Collar Cyber-crime (Troopers 2013)
2013-12-03 A Holistic View on SAP Security Why Securing Production Systems Is Not Enough (BIZEC13)
2013-12-03 Exploiting Critical Attack Vectors To Gain Control Of SAP Systems (BIZEC13)
2012-30-11 Inception of the SAP Platform's Brain - Attacks on SAP Solution Manager (DEEPSEC-2012)
2012-10-26 Unbreakable Oracle ERPs? Attacks on Siebel & JD Edwards (AppSec 2012)
2012-05-23 Attacks on SAP Solution Manager (HITB Europe 2012)
2012-03-15 Cyber-Attacks & SAP Systems (BlackHat Europe)
2012-02-27 Your Crown Jewels Online: Further Attacks to SAP Web Applications (RSAConference2012)
2011-01-17 Attacks to SAP Web Applications: Your crown jewels online (BlackHat DC)
2010-04-14 SAP Backdoors: A ghost at the heart of your business (BlackHat Europe)
2009-10-23 Penetration Testing SAP Systems (Seacure.it)