Onapsis X1, The SAP Security Audit Tool


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Overall, we found Onapsis to be a very advanced example of what a large-scale ERP security auditing system should be.

- SC Magazine -

We realized that SAP security is more than just profiles, roles and access rights, and that we needed to cover SAP vulnerabilities at all layers.

Onapsis X1 is the industry's de-facto standard solution for the automated audit of SAP systems. Onapsis X1 provides the ability to:

  • Automate the assessment and discovery of compliance risks
  • Report on  compliance gaps
  • Streamline audit processes and reporting
  • Reduce internal audit costs.

Key Capabilities of Onapsis X1

  • Identify inventory and assess the compliance status of their critical business infrastructure.
  • perform scheduled unattended scans of your SAP infrastructure to identify compliance weaknesses
  • Perform compliance audits against key compliance guidelines such as PCI, SOX, NERC, and more.
  • Generate automated reports that analyse risks with business impact details to help prioritize remediation activities.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a complete measure of their SAP systems compliance state by going beyond user authorizations and segregation of duties
  • Replaces manual audits that typically take months to complete with an automated solution that takes just hours. Results are meaningful and close to real time.
  • Communicates risk both in technical language and business language
  • Helps to decrease business risks by measuring against evolving compliance requirements
  • Reduces security operations costs.
  • Outlines actionable remediation information, not just a list of problems.
  • Produces a detailed Mitigation Plan, with critical risks addressed first and assigns responsibilities and due dates to individuals or teams.
  • Produces a delta report showing a change to the compliance posture of a system over time.

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