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Onapsis Inc. announces significant enhancements to Onapsis X1
to address security threats to SAP Mobile Platforms

July 17th, 2013

Onapsis Inc., the leading provider of solutions to assess and protect ERP systems from cyber-attacks, today announces significant enhancements to its product Onapsis X1. In addition to making substantial updates to the solution, Onapsis has also added the ability for organizations to perform in-depth security vulnerability assessment and audits of their SAP® mobile platforms.

SAP has recognized the growing concern of mobile threats by creating “SAP Mobile Secure” to help their customers mitigate the risks threatening their implementations. Onapsis has added breath to its Onapsis X1 product by enabling their customers to evaluate the security of their SAP mobile implementations. Organizations can now automatically:

  • Identify existing components supporting their SAP mobile applications
  • Detect security vulnerabilities affecting the mobile components as well as their backend SAP systems
  • Obtain prioritized, actionable information to effectively mitigate existing risks
  • Continuously monitor the security of their SAP mobile platform

Onapsis X1 is the industry’s first comprehensive SAP-certified solution for the automated application security assessment of SAP systems. Backed by the frequent updates from the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis X1 detects insecure SAP ABAP and Java configurations, missing SAP Security Notes and patches, dangerous user authorizations, insecure interfaces between SAP systems and threats affecting SAP mobile platforms. Following Onapsis X1’s detailed mitigation procedures, customers can increase the security level of their platform, decrease business fraud risks and enforce current compliance requirements.

Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO at Onapsis, leads the company’s innovative research projects. “After receiving feedback from many of our customers and partners, we have recognized the overwhelming pressure on security professionals to protect their SAP mobile deployments. Because SAP manages critical business processes and houses financial, supply chain and HR data, connecting these systems to the Internet in order to enable mobile users access this data results in exponential risk to the organization,” commented Mr. Perez-Etchegoyen. “With this important enhancement to the product, we are enabling our customers to design, implement and maintain that their SAP implementations are holistically secured,” he stated.

The new version of the product, to be released in August, will provide support for SAP Mobile Platform (Sybase Unwired Platform), SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Fiori applications. The new version will be showcased at the Black Hat security conference starting on July 31st in Las Vegas, NV. Onapsis will be hosting live demos of the new version at booth# 231.

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Onapsis Inc. is the leading provider of solutions to protect ERP systems from cyber-attacks. At the heart of the company, the Onapsis Research Labs is composed of world-renowned experts with a proven track-record in the ERP and SAP security fields. Through its innovative software solutions, global customers can secure SAP and Oracle business-critical platforms from espionage, sabotage and financial fraud. More information at www.onapsis.com

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