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Technology Alliances

Integrate your products with the leading ERP security solutions; differentiate from your compe titors, empower your users and boost your market exposure.

By integrating your current solutions with Onapsis products, you will leverage your reach to new custo mers who need a layered ERP security approach. Onapsis products are highly interoperable, based on XML p rotocols and open standards, allowing for a clean and reliable integration with other best of breed techn ologies.

Through this program, together we will find the best way to get the most of our joint solutions, beginning from simple report exporting-and-importing interfaces to generating highly-coupled solutions. Supporting SAPĀ® business platforms, Onapsis X1 is the industry's only comprehensive solution for the security assessment of ERP/SAP systems and business-critical applications. Fortune-100 companies and large governmental organizations already rely on this solution to increase the security level of their business-critical systems, decrease business fraud risks, enforce compliance requirements and reduce audit costs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate past your competitors.
The ERP & SAP security market is exploding. Can you afford to miss the wave?

To become an Onapsis Partner or obtain more information, please write us to partners@onapsis.com or contact us through the Partners Contact Form

Program Benefits

  • Partner with the industry's leading solution: Onapsis X1 is the first and only solution to provide comprehensive features for assessing the security of ERP/SAP systems.
  • Boost your market exposure by taking part in our joint-marketing activities.
  • Differentiate from your competitors by providing integrations with best-of-breed partners.
  • Joint marketing activities:
    • Joint press releases
    • Joint Webinars
    • Participation in Onapsis events.
  • Increase your product's market reach by adding valuable and solid integration.