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Onapsis is guaranteed to differentiate from your competitors by offering cutting-edge security solutions that will allow you to obtain revenue from some of the largest companies in the world.

As part of this program, you will complement your current product and service offerings with the most renowned SAP technical security solution of the market, Onapsis X1.

Whether you are an ERP/SAP system integrator or a specialized security software value-added reseller, Onapsis solutions can easily integrate into your portfolio. Incorporating Onapsis X1 provides you a unique opportunity for developing new business relationships within your install base or to a whole new set of large global organizations.

Onapsis Authorized Resellers are entitled to important discounts and performance bonuses on the resale of Onapsis products.

In order to ensure a successful business partnership, Onapsis works closely with its reseller partners during initial enablement, technical and sales training, and in demand generation.

Onapsis X1 is the industry's first comprehensive solution for the security assessment of ERP systems and business-critical applications. Onapsis X1 currently supports SAPĀ® business platforms. Fortune-100 companies and large governmental organizations already rely on this solution to increase the security level of their business-critical systems, decrease business fraud risks, enforce compliance requirements and reduce audit costs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors.
The ERP & SAP security market is exploding. Can you afford to miss the wave?

To become an Onapsis Partner or obtain more information, please write us to partners@onapsis.com or contact us through the Partners Contact Form

Program Benefits

  • Expand your service offerings: Develop and offer new services supported by the Onapsis solutions to help your customers mitigate espionage, sabotage and fraud risks.
  • Support for market development: Count on our specialized commercial and technical teams for identifying qualified leads and translating them into successful accounts.
  • Joint marketing activities:
    • Enterprise inquiries will be able to find you through the Onapsis Partner Directory
    • Utilize Onapsis branding as a seal of quality in your marketing materials.
    • Joint press releases.
    • Joint Webinars.
    • Participation in Onapsis events.
  • Access to Onapsis Partner Portal: manage acquired licenses, obtain marketing material, white-papers and FAQs, and follow-up on sales activities.
  • Complimentary sales training.
  • Discounts for ERP security trainings provided by Onapsis.
  • Online demo platform for sales demonstrations and evaluations.
  • Extended technical support by phone and email.