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Managed Service Providers

As an MSP or a Hosting Partner, you have the enormous challenge and responsibility of ensuring the security of hundreds or thousands of business-critical ERP systems running in your datacenters. How can you protect the most important business information of your global customers and make money doing it properly?

Through this program, you can deploy Onapsis X1 as a standalone solution for individual customers, or as part of an integrated suite of managed security services. Onapsis X1 enables you to continuously evaluate your customer's SAP systems for the latest security threats, effectively reducing espionage, sabotage and fraud risks.

By becoming an Onapsis Partner, you can differentiate from your competitors by offering a unique set of solutions that will boost the trust in your infrastructure and enable you to expand your managed services portfolio.

Currently supporting SAP® business platforms, Onapsis X1 is the industry's first comprehensive solution for the security assessment of ERP/SAP systems and business-critical applications. Fortune-100 companies and large governmental organizations already rely on this solution to increase the security level of their business-critical systems, decrease business fraud risks, enforce compliance requirements and reduce audit costs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate past your competitors.
The ERP & SAP security market is exploding. Can you afford to miss the wave?

To become an Onapsis Partner or obtain more information, please write us to partners@onapsis.com or contact us through the Partners Contact Form

Program Benefits

  • Expand your service offerings: Offer innovative Onapsis solutions to help your customers mitigate espionage, sabotage and fraud risks within SAP environments.
  • Attract new clients by offering them a much more secure environment than the one your competitor has.
  • Flexible license model, tailored to your needs:
    • Time-based subscriptions.
    • Frequency-based subscriptions.
  • No up-front investment: Stepped deployment that enables you to grow business steadily.
  • Joint marketing activities:
    • Enterprise prospects looking for a Managed offering will be able to find you through the Onapsis Partner Directory.
    • Ability to use the Onapsis brand as a seal of quality in your marketing materials.
    • Joint press releases.
    • Joint Webinars.
    • Participation in Onapsis events.
  • Access to Onapsis Partner Portal: manage acquired licenses, obtain marketing material including white-papers and FAQs.
  • Volume discounts for license acquisition.
  • Complimentary sales training.
  • Priority Technical Support – SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Inclusion in Beta Programs and Product Launches.