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Consulting & Audit firms

Obtain per-engagement licenses for Onapsis solutions and exclusive knowledge to perform qualified SAP security assessments and compliance audits.

In reaction to the increasing demand for professional services to perform SAP and ERP security assessments and audits, and considering the scarceness of specialized human resources in this field, Onapsis has developed this program to help you tap into this market easily.

Through this program, your company will have immediate access to the most complete base of SAP and ERP security knowledge, specialized trainings and software solutions that will enable you to expand your current service portfolio and reach current and new customers with a differentiated offering.

You will be able to acquire Onapsis X1 licenses in a per-engagement model, which will allow you to forecast the direct costs associated with your services. Furthermore, you will also be able to obtain extra margins in licenses cost for product sales when registering customers to Onapsis.

Onapsis X1 is the industry's first comprehensive solution for the security assessment of ERP systems and business-critical applications, currently supporting SAPĀ® business platforms. Fortune-100 companies and large governmental organizations are already relying on this solution to increase the security level of their business-critical systems, decreasing business fraud risks, enforcing compliance requirements and reducing audit costs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors.
The ERP & SAP security market is exploding. Can you afford to miss the wave?

To become an Onapsis Partner or obtain more information, please write us to partners@onapsis.com or contact us through the Partners Contact Form

Program Benefits

  • Expand your service offerings: Build and offer new services supported by Onapsis to help your customers mitigate espionage, sabotage and fraud risks.
  • Reach new customers with a differentiated service, then use it as the entry point for delivering your current solutions.
  • Earn margins for product sales when registering customers to Onapsis.
  • No up-front investment: Through the Onapsis X1 per-engagement license model, you avoid unnecessary fixed costs and only purchase after your project has been sold.
  • Make the most of your time: Training yourself on the SAP and ERP security courses could imply high investments. Tap into an automatic solution that already completes much of the work for you.
  • Interact with key business stakeholders allowing you to investigate additional revenue opportunities.
  • Illustrate business risks through the exclusive BizRisk Illustration Technology; facilitates customer understanding.
  • Discounts for ERP security trainings provided by Onapsis.
  • Leverage Onapsis knowledge base and expertise.
  • Volume discounts for license acquisition.