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SAP Security In-Depth Vol.4

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Knowledge pack for SAP® NetweaverTM and R/3®

Enforcing Compliance with the New SAP Security Guidelines

SAP security is no longer what it used to be. See why Onapsis X1 is the industry's unique solution to help your organization check compliance with the new security guidelines released by SAP on September 2010.

SAP Security: Why Segregation of Duties is not enough

Learn why SAP security is much more than Segregation of Duties controls. Discover the high level risks that are usually overlooked by regular audits.

The risks of not auditing beyond SAP PRD

Due to budget constrains, common assessments just focus on a subset of SAP Production systems components. Learn why this can be a waste of money, providing a false sense of security and leaving your business information still at risk.