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SAP Security In-Depth Vol.4

Onapsis IPSTM - Knowledge pack for SAP® NetweaverTM and R/3®


Protect against external hackers and the insider threat

Receive monthly updates with the latest vulnerability signatures from the renowned Onapsis Research Labs and stay ahead of the threat.


Realize an incredible time-to-value

No need to invest time and budget on additional devices. Onapsis IPS runs on top of your current IPS devices and can be setup in a matter of minutes!

audit costs

Enjoy flexible operation modes

Choose whether you want to use Onapsis IPS as a passive IDS solution or as an active IPS device. Just tune your IDS/IPS the way you want it to work!

Test platform

Gain valuable time through virtual patching

Having trouble in implementing SAP Security Notes promptly? Minimize exposure through virtual patching, gaining valuable protection while testing and implementing the necessary fixes.