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What is Onapsis IPS?

Onapsis IPS is the first-and-only ERP Intrusion Prevention System, currently supporting SAP platforms. By implementing Onapsis IPS, SAP customers can detect and stop cyber-attacks to their business-critical platforms, leveraging their current IDS/IPS infrastructure and gaining valuable protection overnight.

How does it work?

Onapsis IPS is provided as a set of vulnerability signatures, which can be easily imported into the industry-leading IPS devices. Every month you receive an update with new signatures addressing the latest security threats affecting SAP systems.

Does this mean that I don't have to apply SAP Security Notes anymore?

Absolutely not. Due to the well-known limitations of IDS and IPS solutions, it is not technically feasible to detect and/or stop all kind of attacks. In order to fix a specific vulnerability, it is necessary to address the root cause by applying the related patch. However, through virtual patching, Onapsis IPS buys you valuable time, significantly raising the bar for attackers and boosting your protection capabilities until you are able to implement the required patch.

Which IDS/IPS devices are supported?

Any IDS/IPS device that supports the import of Snort 2.8.x rules, either directly or through proprietary conversion tools. If your vendor does not support the import of Onapsis IPS rules, please let us know.

How does licensing work?

Licensing is based on the unique number of IP addresses that your SAP platform comprises.

How do I request a sales contact?

Please click here and provide us with your contact information. A sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

What is the closed pre-release program? When will it be generally available?

We have been working very hard with selected customers and industry-leading vendors into ensuring the quality of this solution. We are currently on the final phase of the process, and we expect to release the solution to the general market in September. However, if you are interested in becoming one of our early adopters, please let us know.