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Onapsis Empowers SAP Customers to Secure Their SAP BusinessObjects Implementations

Cambridge, MA - December 19th, 2013 - Onapsis Inc. the leading provider of ERP cyber security solutions, today announced extended capabilities for SAP users by adding support for BusinessObjects functionality to its flagship product, Onapsis X1. SAP positions BusinessObjects as a product to enable organizations to perform business analytics and generate complex reports based on this information in order to make better business decisions. Therefore, BusinessObjects is a highly valuable target for cyber attackers due to the sensitive nature of the information it contains. Through an unmitigated vulnerability a malicious internal or external attacker could extract or make unauthorized changes to information available in BusinessObjects; which could have in a very significant impact on the affected company. This new enhancement in Onapsis X1 will extend support to organizations leveraging SAP’s BusinessObjects and enable them to further protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their decision-making information.

Mariano Nunez, CEO of Onapsis, said “At Onapsis, our goal is to enable organizations to protect their SAP business processes and information. BusinessObjects is one of SAP's most sensitive platforms used by organizations, as the information it provides is used by senior management to make critical business decisions. Protecting these platforms holistically is of paramount importance and I am excited that Onapsis continues to prove ourselves as the industry leader by providing the first SAP-certified solution to ensure our customers' BusinessObjects implementations are protected as well. Furthermore, through this new Onapsis X1 release, our global partners can immediately offer BusinessObjects security expertise to their SAP customers.”

Available next month, the new Onapsis X1 BusinessObjects capabilities will enable organizations to automatically discover BusinessObjects systems running within their SAP Implementations and add them to their existing SAP Security Risk Management processes supported by Onapsis X1. After identifying instances of the BusinessObjects platform, organizations will be able to continuously detect insecure configurations, missing security patches and other risks, as well as actionable information on how to effectively secure the platform.

About Onapsis

Onapsis gives organizations the adaptive advantage to succeed in securing business-critical applications by combining technology, research and analytics. Onapsis enables every security and compliance team an adaptive approach to focus on the factors that matter most to their business– critical applications that house vital data and run business processes including SAP Business Suite, SAP HANA and SAP Mobile deployments.

Onapsis provides technology solutions including Onapsis X1, the de-facto SAP security auditing tool, and Onapsis Business-Critical Application Security Platform which delivers enterprise vulnerability, compliance, detection and response capabilities with analytics.

The Onapsis Research Labs provide subject matter expertise that combines in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver technical and business-context with sound security judgment. This enables organizations to efficiently uncover security and compliance gaps and prioritize the resolution within applications running on SAP platforms.

Onapsis delivers tangible business results including decreased business risk, highlighted compliance gaps, lower operational security costs and demonstrable value on investment.

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